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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

ZOO-301 Principles of Biochemistry ZOO-302 Cell Biology
ZOO-303 General Genetics ZOO-308 Fundamental Microbiology
ZOO-312 Biostatistics and Computation ZOO-346 Animal Ecology
ZOO-347 Developmental Biology ZOO-348 Animal Physiology
ZOO-349 Evolution ZOO-350 Functnl Mrpholgy of Invrtbrats
ZOO-351 Functnl Mrphology of Vertbrats ZOO-352 General & Compartive Endocrinology
ZOO-353 Reproductive Physiology ZOO-404 Enzymology
ZOO-406 Molecular Biology ZOO-409 Principles of GeneManipulation
ZOO-410 ResearchTechniqus&Instrumntatn ZOO-411 Nucleic acids
ZOO-413 Clinical Biochemistry ZOO-421 Radiobiology
ZOO-423 Toxicology ZOO-424 Vitamins and Hormones
ZOO-426 Medical Microbiology ZOO-433 Immunology
ZOO-454 Entomology ZOO-455 Ichthyology
ZOO-456 Herpetology ZOO-457 Mammology
ZOO-458 Neurobiology ZOO-459 Parasitology
ZOO-460 Protozoology ZOO-461 WildLife,Managmnt&conservation
ZOO-480 Mammology ZOO-481 Neurobiology

ZOO-500 Seminar ZOO-501 Advances in Molecular Biology
ZOO-502 Advances in Molecular Genetics ZOO-515 Molecular Endocrinology
ZOO-516 Resrch Planing & Report Writng ZOO-522 Protein & Polypeptide Hormones
ZOO-525 Advances in Cell Biology ZOO-526 Advances in Animal Physiology
ZOO-527 Topics in Evolutionary Biology ZOO-530 Recombinant DNA Technology
ZOO-531 Applications of Biotechnology ZOO-532 Environmental Biotechnology
ZOO-533 Techniques in Biotechnology ZOO-534 Advances in Endocrinology
ZOO-537 Andrology ZOO-538 Advances in Neurobiology
ZOO-545 Pollution ZOO-551 Adv in Biology of Reproduction
ZOO-552 Adv in Developmental Biology ZOO-553 Advances in Parasitology
ZOO-554 Aquaculture ZOO-555 Hematology
ZOO-556 Human Genetics ZOO-557 Insect Pheromones
ZOO-558 Insect Physiology ZOO-559 Limnology and Fisheries
ZOO-560 Medical Entomology ZOO-561 Pest Management
ZOO-562 Physlgcal Basis of Behavior ZOO-563 Population Genetics
ZOO-564 Primatology ZOO-699 Mphil Dessertation

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